Participating Faculty

Seminar Consultant: Ivana Petrovic and Andrej Petrovic (Durham University)

Course Director: Bryce Walker (CHS)

Sunoikisis Post-Baccalaureate Fellow: Emily Kohut
You can contact Emily if you have any questions or concerns at ekohut(at)

Course Faculty:

Monica Berti is Assistant Professor at the University of Leipzig (Alexander von Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities).

Jennifer Besse is teaching classics at Elizabethtown College and Millersville University in Lancaster County, PA.

Patrick Burns is the Assistant Research Scholar and Digital & Special Projects Associate at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World Library.

Ben DeSmidt is an Associate Professor of Great Ideas and Classics at Carthage College.

John Esposito is currently editor-in-chief at an online publisher and research firm for software developers while serving as technology consultant for a Sunoikisis-run collaborative online syllabus on ancient leadership.

Ryan C. Fowler is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics at Franklin and Marshall college and a CHS Sunoikisis Fellow in Curricular Development.

Hal Haskell is a Professor of Classics at Southwestern University.

Lindsay Samson completed her Ph.D. at the University of Iowa in 2013, while teaching part-time at Agnes Scott College.

Norman Sandridge is an Associate Professor of Classics at Howard University.

David Sick is an Associate Professor of Greek and Roman Studies at Rhodes College.